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Eraldo Alessandroni began to work in the context of the restaurant as waitresses, first at the bar of the station of Sulmona and then at the Gran Caffè.
   In 1950 began to work on his own, inaugurating the Bar dello Sport. In 1957, after 6 months of unemployment, opened a new activity headed to his wife Ilda Coppa and pursued with the help of Armando, Nunziatina and Anna, their first three sons.    
   The local collected much success with the citizens, although it was a cellar used for wine sale.
   In 1964, from bar which was, became a pizzeria thanks to the rent of two locals, one for the stock and one for the kitchen.
    From this time the activity took off, especially thanks to the famous Pizze al Taglio; the bar was then transferred to the opposite side of the Villa Comunale where, thanks to a greater availability of space, Eraldo placed a billiards, a bagatelle table, a field of bowls and a jukebox.
  Clientele increased considerably and the popularity of the bar became so much so today, after 37 years from the opening, it's still working very well.

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