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The Bar Giardini's Pizza is so famous beacuse of the utilization of the ancient recipe of grandmother Ilda, now in the hands of Anna and Carla. Every used ingredient is of first quality like, for example, the mozzarella fiordilatte.
Customers may have cut Pizzas, at the plate or to take away. In the Cafeteria part, there is a huge variety of stuffed Cornetti, with marmalade, fruit, nutella and white chocolate over and above sweets and big doughnuts. Everything is of own production so set up by Franca with the help of Laura.
Besides there are Semifreddi and, in the Christmassy period, stuffed Panettoni and Pandori with ice cream.
Everything is supervised by Paolo and Franca Alessandroni, who manage and own the Bar.

May taste our products with your eyes...
Try to believe !!!

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